Let me eat cake
April 26, 2007, 9:22 pm
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birthday cake!!!

With a birthday coming up and too much time on my hands, it was quickly decided that I should really make my birthday cake. Let’s not mention that it has been more than five years since I’ve made a layered cake, but this one caught my heart. Three layers of almond cake, chocolate ganache in the middle, almond praline for a little crunch, and creamy dreamy mascarpone cheese frosting. At that point, I knew exactly what cake I wanted and I also knew that I could not buy it from somebody else. Time to get into the kitchen.

Alas, not all was so easy. I quickly realized I lost my cake pan, so a new one was in order. I’ve been considering getting a deeper pan for a while to make upside-down cake that always leak in the springform, so this was as good a time as any. A late evening trip to the local Sur La Table resulted in a 3-inch deep cake pan, 2 cans of almond paste, an offset spatula, a new set of tongs, a large bill, and a big happy smile. Really, it is impossible for me to walk into a grocery store or a cooking supply store without leaving with far more items than I fully intended to purchase.

Over the next couple of days, the cake came together. Decorating was especially fun, and then I stored it under an inverted bowl and peeked to visit the cake once in a while. It must have been all that sugar in the air, because I was giddy the entire cake-making time. It has been said before that I’m easily amused.

And, the flavor, you ask. Well, I liked it and it was very well received at the dinner party. But I did not love it, not the way that I thought I would. The ganache does not provide enough moisture for the almond layers and I found myself reaching for the frosting on the sides. Next time, it will be frosting between the layers, and the ganace poured over the top. Sounds like a good thing to me.


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